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Tubers have a long dormancy, giving them an excellent storage time. The yellow flesh is quite starchy with an interesting, distinctive flavour. A stunning blue/purple skinned oval shaped variety with bright white flesh. BLUE STAR IS ONE OF ONLY A FEW COLOURED VARIETIES THAT RETAINS IN COLOURED FLESH AFTER COOKING, MAKING IT AN INTERESTING ADDITION TO THE DINNER PLATE.Productive variety, with very good flexibility of adaptation, being well suited for various culinary preparations (boiled potatoes, crisps, French fries, mashed potatoes, etc.). MEALY TEXTURE MAKES IT SUITABLE FOR BOILING AND MASHING.A round creamy fleshed potato with beautiful pink eyes and light yellow skin.Resistance to blight is above average and shows good resistance to common scab. The slightley curved, waxy tubers have a natural buttery flavour, which improves with maturity and again further with storage. A variety whose low productivity and susceptibility to certain diseases are largely compensated by an extreme earliness and a very good culinary quality.

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The small oval tubers are irregular in shape and can be very floury.

It is a very popular ‘Farmers Market’ potato in America. This variety can mature within 55 days in ideal growing conditions but usually matures after 90 days. Amandine is a very popular potato variety in Switzerland.

Produces high yields of tubers of even long oval shape with pale yellow skin and yellow flesh. Andean Sunside is a Peruvian variety in the same vein as the Mayan family of potatoes.

Noted for excellent table quality, maintains color after cooking Alouette shows great promise as a new blight resistant variety.

Bred by Agrico to match up to the Sarpo family of blight resistant potatoes.

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