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There are thousands of message boards on varied topics available.You will also find a section on weddings complete with bridal fashion, style, reception and planning, etc.Finally, there are also sections on dating, online courses, and shopping.Cafe Mom is another popular social networking site for moms to discuss parenting issues.You can create your journals to share your stories with other members, participate in polls, surveys, or share pictures with other members.

This time, we have some of the most popular social networking sites for women.This is not a definitive list, but rather our choice of what's good out there; feel free to add your favorites in the comments.Also don't forget 20 tools for the best Mother's Day ever.There are separate sections on celebrities, fashion and style, beauty, entertainment, news & politics, love & sex, baby & parents, career & money, love & sex, health & fitness, food & party, pets, tech & web, food & party, jokes, shopping, communities, weddings.You can create your homepage and a blog, or chat with other users.

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