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We are aware of some of the technology patents that can mimick schizophrenia and is being used to experiment on the whole world.Imagine technology similar to Holosonics technology having the ability to focus on an individual person continuously.At first, I was a little alarmed, but asked a few casual questions.Havent heard much until today he was excited that he'd had a conversation with his voice while on the playground.pee on the rug pour chol an strawberry syrup on the floor go in my room take things that dont belong to him dump water on the floor the list goes on an on i mean he says his brain calls him stupid an to shut up.i try to get help an everyone laughs an says it cute his brain is talking to him hehehe no its not cute its scary when my son crys for no reason an cant even remember doing something b/c he forgot!

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My son today, was quite upset and anxious when I was out of his sight for a couple of minutes - even when I told him where I would be, what I was doing.He is a very well behaved and intellengent child and he said that he wouldn't do the things it tells him to.He went through period of bullying in school from a particular child and he associates the instructions with this incident - could it be a side affect of the bullying? We are going to check it out with the docs but wanted to know if anyone else had anything to add?this is the new thing./ laws arent enforced regarding it, becuase it is not widely known technology.i will keep reading here and try to help the best i can.

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