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This confounded Maks, because I’m pretty sure that when he and Hope Solo felt any stress last season, they would simply head-butt each other until one of them fell down. Sherri really hits the Venn diagram intersection of fun and exhausting. Katherine & Mark, Maria & Derek, and Sherri & Val are all safe! Sherri Tina Turner–dances with joy and Katherine hugs the broken-ribbed Maria. He is tense and clench-smiling and he makes me sad. People on the International Space Station who have never heard of you know why. We just wish you wouldn’t wear a hat all the time to try to hide it because we can smell your fear and it makes us uncomfortable on your behalf.

He's already a judges' favorite, arguably the best choreographer, the show's only three-time champ, and has never finished worse than sixth place (just once) in his nine seasons on All-Stars cast revealed! Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya Lachey's first season: champion, Season 2 with Cheryl Burke Trebunskaya's best finish: runner-up, Season 10 with Evan Lysacek Lachey is Trebunskaya's first true contender since Lysacek, and the two go way back — Lachey and Burke beat Trebunskaya and Jerry Rice in Season 2.Do not dress her as a naughty Fabergé egg ever again. If he has any moxie, he’ll start just saying random words. ” “Camelopard.” “”) Roshon is charming, and wow, does he look great on the dance floor. William & Cheryl: Oh, how sweet, William actually looks anxious. Interviews The stars are realizing that one of their new friends is going home and it is sad. Melissa earnestly says she has so much more to learn. Martina learns that she is in jeopardy and does a very funny over-the-top sarcastic pantomime of surprise. Like he made some sort of deal with gravity and it gets to go take a coffee break sometimes while he air hockeys around. On the other hand, it’s not like they have to it, so maybe they should settle down. Oh, dear, Martina fell for the thing where the producers tell you that they’re recording everyone saying, “It won’t be me going home! On top of that, he's had two different relationships with his past partners, Elisabetta Canalis (non-existent) and Shepherd (too in-your-face).If Monaco's too rusty and/or they don't click, they could be out early.

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