Is jeffrey donovan dating anyone

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) (Andre Braugher, Bruce Campbell is a god, Burn Notice, Crossing Jordan, Homicide, Jeffrey Donovan, Kyle Secor, Monk, Touching Evil) Ha, but seriously, folks: Now hiring Headline Writer. He grew up to be an even 6 feet tall, which is pretty good, and married a beautiful model (yes, I know “beautiful model” is redundant), and has a daughter. That led to, Then he did a bunch more acting, like in Sleepers, which I think was a movie I actually saw one time; and Millennium, that TV show that was too scary for me to watch; and Catherine’s Grove, which I’m including for the first sentence of its description: “Undercover cop Doyle is working on a serial killer case that’s left a trail of dead transvestites.” After that, he was in a few episodes of The Pretender, which I really should remember by now existed; Spin City; The Blair Witch sequel, after which he hopefully got a new agent; Witchblade, which did anyone know that was made into a TV series in 2002? You don’t know how many “u”s I’ve had to remove from Mac Gyver. Since I only put in that last category out of a deep-seated (seeded? Mac Gyver mostly drove jeeps or jeep-like vehicles or pickup trucks during the course of the television show. Which is why I’m going to suggest Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck.

Moving right along, Jeffrey Donovan, the former star of Burn Notice, seems to have disappeared right off the face of the earth. Also, he was poor as a kid, and knows, like, 500 different kinds of martial arts. ; and then it was on to a starring role in Touching Evil. Sarah, because Burn Notice’s intro isn’t a proper show opener at all. (Still awesome, though.) October 6, 2009 at pm (Fictional Character Battles) (Bruce Campbell is a god, Burn Notice, Jeffrey Donovan, Mac Gyver, Michael Westen) Oh, for the days of our youth when Richard Dean Anderson taught us that all you Huh. (Between the G and the y, if you were wondering.) Michael Westen, I didn’t get wrong once. ) preference for Michael Westen, it seems only fair that we have a tiebreaker. Although he did rent a Mustang once, which fills Lokifire with so much joy! She’s beautiful, and I believe that she could truly kick everyone’s ass 12 ways from Sunday, if that is indeed a cliche. Cassidy: Someone recommended Guy Pearce, who would be good, but I think once I said it should be Edward Norton, and I stand by that. Saint of Killers: At first I thought the only option was bringing John Wayne back from the dead, but then I realized Clint Eastwood John Wayne brought back from the dead. Arseface: Hey, that Zac Efron kid was looking to be taken seriously as an actor, right? Mostly for the baldness, partly for the Jean-Luc Picardness.

Really, though, the only complaint you could have is that Fiona is really, really skinny and whoever picks out her wardrobe is doing a poor job of hiding that. Anyway, it’s totally cute and John Casey put all sorts of awesome extras into it, so it’s like some sort of super spy-car now. Sarah’s cover identity is that she works at a yogurt shop and is Chuck’s on-again off-again girlfriend. Unfortunately, he is totally busy with Burn Notice, so Fiona wins again.

Virginia Roberts, the woman who claims she was an underage sex slave for perverted financier Jeffrey Epstein has won another round in her fight against the woman she claims recruited her.

Edgar.) After Burn Notice wrapped up in 2013 — and might I say: 2013??? I thought it ended in 2011 or so — there’s a great big gaping hole in his resume filled with, I would assume, husbanding and fathering. I’m not saying he’s not hot, because he is, I’m saying he’s not as super-smokin’-hot as Michael Westen. Women wrote odes to your flowing tresses, and they all managed to fit the phrase “business in the front, party in the back” into them. And, as far as I can tell from his imdb page, he was never on Mac Gyver. w=197&h=300" data-large-file=" w=263" class="size-medium wp-image-383" title="Bruce Campbell" src=" w=197&h=300" alt="I stand by my previous assertions that Bruce Campbell is a god." width="197" height="300" srcset=" Look, Michael Westen is always telling us how to use cell phones as bugs or how to make explosives out of cake mix or what-have-you, but he almost always has one little mystery ingredient that keeps the parents of stupid kids from suing the USA network.

OR TRYING TO RESTORE HIS GOOD NAME AFTER BEING BURNED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Sure, sure, they’re both on-again, off-again, but you know when the cameras are done rolling forever on both these shows, the viewers want Chuck and Sarah and Michael Westen and Fiona together. Depending on your perspective, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Which is why this round’s winner is Michael Westen. w=197&h=300 197w, w=99&h=150 99w," sizes="(max-width: 197px) 100vw, 197px" / Blows shit up? And that one little mystery ingredient is almost certainly ) Winner?

In 2007, he was in Crossing Jordan for a while, which I don’t remember at all, despite it being the show I would end up watching when I was too tired and depressed to leave the couch, and too poor for basic cable. I used to be a spy, until….” But Chuck has the whole “NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA can’t count nas and type while singing the Cake theme song there! Yeah, but “a friend who used to inform on you to the FBI.” “You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls.” But Chuck has the cute little animated guy! Luckily for the children of the oughts, there’s a new Mac Gyver to teach us how to wreak havoc and free hostages with only household supplies on hand. Is Michael Westen, the super-smokin’-hot protaganist of Burn Notice. Well, if I had to rate them, which I do, because I’m making myself do it, Michael Westen would be a 10 on the super-smokin’-hotness scale, which only goes up to 5. Look, I know Bruce Campbell’s Burn Notice character’s name is Sam Axe, which is an awesome, nay, a name, but when you see Bruce Campbell, do you think of any name but Bruce Campbell? Of course, since they’ve been planning to make a Preacher movies since the ’90s, with suggestions for casting Jesse Custer as widely varied and generally craptacular as Ben Affleck to James “Cyclops” Marsden (wait, that’s not widely varied at all. Just make sure to flashback to his pretty, pretty face.

Unlike Forbes, which fully explains the methodology used to compile its various power and salary lists, TV Guide has chosen a "just trust us" approach as it delivers this ranking, making us wonder if a few salary numbers might have been gleaned from, say, actors' Internet dating profiles. Get typecast by people who have trouble telling the actor apart from the spy character he played (like who would do that, right)? Donovan was born in 1968 in Amesbury, Massachusetts, which is a town neither I nor Spellchecker have ever heard of before. Donovan did some acting in high school, earning an acting award at Amesbury High, a place I am having trouble believing exists, and moved on to the big time with a role in Throwing Down, an independent film from 1995. Tulip O’Hare: I could recommend Gabriel Anwar just to keep the whole Burn Notice theme going, but she’s kind of scrawny, so I want someone with a little more brawn. Jody: I’ve heard the name “Woody Harrelson” tossed around for this guy, but since I hate him for the whole “Zombies made me hit the paparrazzi” thing, like, take pride in your papparazzi beating, dude, I’m going to have to say let’s poach another Chuck actor instead: Adam Baldwin. Here’s a description of Touching Evil, which sounds almost as good as Catherine’s Grove: “In spite of his inability to abide by common sense and the laws he’s sworn to uphold, he, with the help of his partner, work together to hunt down the most wicked and vicious criminals on the streets.” Then he was in Hitch with Will Smith, which is too bad; then CSI: Miami and original flavor Law & Order; and then an episode of Monk, which, if I recall correctly, is the one where he played an evil astronaut. Until Google told me otherwise, I always thought there was an “s” in there somewhere. But Michael Westen inherited his dad’s 1973 Charger, which is one big fat muscle car Word on the street, or the internets, which is like the street now, except for less traffic and all that pesky leaving your house and the like, is that Sam Mendes plans to make a Preacher movie! Unless they can get Robert Carlyle, and then they should. Playing a disfigured Kurt Cobain fan is just the ticket! Plus she gets to yell at people on her show, which is worth a lot. because the Fox News host is reportedly banking million a year compared to the MSNBC anchor's million.Kyra Sedgwick appears to be 0,000 per episode better off in 2010 compared to TV Guide's report in 2007, when she earned a mere quarter-mil for each installment of character, Ari, is taking a percentage of every dollar Adrian Grenier's Vince earns, the real actors are taking home 0,000 and 0,000 per episode, respectively. And at ,000 an episode for "Wizards of Waverly Place," Selena Gomez makes about as much per season as former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo was taking home per year -- before benefits.

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