Peter andre dating doubler online dating

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The couple, who tied the knot in a beautiful summer ceremony at a Georgian mansion on the East Devon coast at the weekend, were introduced after the TV personality fell seriously ill.

In November 2010, the star was rushed to hospital in excruciating pain, suffering from kidney stones and was treated by her father, a consultant urologist.

Katie revealed the pair enjoyed a threesome with a female friend and also filmed a sex session.

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Andrew passed away in December 2012 after battling cancer.

Emily has combined raising a family with her medical studies While raising a family, the young mother kept on working towards her medical career – supported every step of the way by her partner.

“She's only gone and done it - Emily passed her final exams,” he posted on Instagram when she completed her studies. So so proud:):)” This summer the beautiful doctor starts her new job and the Andres are hoping to buy a house with land for their children and friends to enjoy.

Amid rumours of infidelity, Katie terminated a pregnancy and the couple finally split when she went ahead with a photoshoot after he told her not to.

Dwight Yorke Katie and footballer Dwight Yorke had an on-off relationship from around 2001 to 2002 and it resulted in Katie’s eldest son Harvey.

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