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That's why tubes have getters in them, after all.As the fellow told me, "You cut off electron flow, and that plate makes a really attractive getter..higher the B , the more it "gets!These are the project that are currently running in Tkkrlab, if you have an idea for a project put it on the grabbag page.If you start a project make your own project page with the participants.A look at the Bell System Practices relating to vacuum tubes specifically stated that at no time should any tube of any configuration, except for cold cathode tubes, be allowed to stand with B on any element without the filament being hot.Some further investigation with the folks at the Littleton, CO WECO tube plant confirmed that running any tube with the plates energized and no filament will cause the same, or worse, symptoms as "sleeping sickness" generally attributed to having a tube run in cutoff for long periods of time.This was further confirmed by the fact that newer tubes were still at least conducting something, while tubes that were some 30-40 years old were completely dead on test, although the records showed their last "in service" current test to be well within specs.Conversations with retiring engineers at the tube plant confirmed that no "real life" vacuum tube had a very good vacuum in it, and even if it had one, it would be partially destroyed during the initial aging process by gasification of the tungsten on the filament and thorium from the hot plates.

Western Electric gear from that era used an "in service" tube test regimen that looked basically at plate and filament current and "filament activity" (an old term that really meant "cathode activity" in anything other than direct heated tubes.) The in service tests showed acceptable filament current, but the plate current was either gone or very weak.

" Add to this that the cathode, grids and filaments are all at or near ground potential, and you see how this can happen to the plates.

In the final tally for this goof, over 350 310A tubes, at 0 a pop, and 200 some odd 311Bs, at a pop, had to be replaced on an emergency basis.

Alles is nog ter discussie, heb je een mening, zet die er dan bij.

I witnessed this happen one time which resulted in an supervisor earning a little unpaid vacation time.

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