Seventeen times cecile cassard online dating

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She settles down in another town (Toulouse) while the little boy is raised by a woman friend of Cecile.

The movie shows "moments" (17, hence the title) in her life.

The overall atmosphere is rather dark with some touches of bright colors. Beatrice Dalle, once a sex symbol (37.2 Degrees in the Morning - 1986), was disappointing in her acting and her look didn't help.

She was boring to watch and she had a lot of screen time.

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Directed by Christo Honore, 17 fois Cecile Cassard stars Beatrice Dalle as Cecile, who is having a terrible time getting over the accidental death of her husband, Thierry (Jerome Kircher).

Hoping to find solace, Cecile drives to Toulouse and rents a room in a seamy hotel.

His younger brother Jonathan, a casual student, still lives in his father's apartment and ...

See full summary » Ever since she broke up with Nigel, Lena soldiers on through life as best she can with her two kids.

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