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And it is also practical – there are millions of images that I can flip through until I find one I want to paint. I don’t know about that – the conversation in art is often between such a small group of people from privilege. I did this little interview in GQ recently and it’s quite an old-fashioned magazine – they have categories on their homepage, which go something like ‘cars, watches, girls, sport, culture.’ It’s funny. It was a very memorable experience because he is such a strong character. It’s the first time it’s happening in the UK, but it’s happened previously in Paris and other places.

But I like the idea that the work then might get to a demographic I wouldn’t normally reach. He was great performer, spreading his cheeks, saying, “Yeah, what do you want? They get an institution to host it, so this year the ICA is hosting it, and it will be in all different buildings and spaces around that area – apartments, shops, a church etc. There’s an incredible line up – Laure Prouvost, Jennifer West, Joan Jonas, Nina Beier, loads more.

I especially love it when a dick is in between erect and flaccid and is not quite erect, but is heavy.

Anuses are really difficult, because there’s not much going on necessarily.

, was performed earlier this week at The Serpentine.

I love when a penis has got weight, or balls have got weight.I definitely feel like in my work there’s an interchangeability to do with nature, whether it’s a fruit, or a testicle, or the landscape looks like a body or the fruit looks like a body or the body looks like a landscape.And finally, what is the difference between painting penises and vaginas?The thing is exploding in front of you and you can smell this intense chemically air.It’s hard to breathe, there’s ash flying in your face and it generally feels inhospitable.

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