Tomboys and dating

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I wasn’t going to go as far as letting her choose which sex she wanted to grow up as – as some painfully cool parents do – but I was onboard with the idea that she shouldn’t be forced into a life of dolls and tea sets. So on a recent visit to a toy shop, she toddled straight over to a bright pink doll’s buggy and started pushing it towards the till, batting away the plastic Kalashnikov I offered her.

I showed her a Thomas the Tank Engine train set; she looked at me with toddler contempt. The idea that being a girl is a bad thing starts long before puberty; it is instilled in us by politically correct parents who are terrified that Barbies and plastic kitchen sets will inevitably lead to a life of servitude to men.

Right now I am watching her out of the window, playing “like a girl” as she pushes her dolly around in the buggy. I want her to know that being a girl is great, whatever form it takes.

------- We’re fair game for Facebook Evil old Facebook is facing a barrage of criticism for conducting a psychology experiment on 700,000 users without their knowledge.

For all the talk of needing to introduce Drunk Tanks to city centres, the statistics show that we are actually drinking less.

The British Beer & Pub Association found that alcohol consumption per head last year was 18 per cent lower than in 2004. It’s nonsense Couples who sleep naked together stay together, or so says some new research by a company called Cotton USA.

On 8 August 2000, HIM International Music held a 'Universal 2000 Talent and Beauty Girl Contest' in search of new artists to sign under their label.

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I love the brazenness of confronting head-on quite how life-changing menstruation is for an adolescent girl, instead of glossing over it with commercials that depict women roller-blading, bungee-jumping and abseiling down buildings.

We have all seen how it goes: the star swimmer suddenly desperate to get out of doing the breaststroke, the cross-country champion who finds that she can’t run 10 metres without her new chest causing her mortification and misery. Why is that when we start “blossoming” and “blooming” into a woman, it so often feels like the most important part of us is dying inside?

So the phrase “like a girl” becomes an insult; all of our feminine attributes, the things that define us, are also seen as the things that limit us.

Have you been in A&E on a Friday night, or walked through a town centre at chucking out time on a Saturday?

Good grief, all you’d have to do is come round ours of an evening to witness the rush to alcohol as soon as the baby is down. Except – whisper it – we Brits are getting worse at drinking.

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