United arab emirate dating 100 free west coast chat line

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They talk often by mobile phone, but their meetings are limited to the 10 minutes between her leaving work and arriving home. And Saud, 22, met the girl he describes as his girlfriend two years ago on the internet, through instant messaging software.

For them the issue is how much they will be involved in choosing their wife.

"I sent some notes, they liked them - they took my number and they called me.

I say nice things - I'm into poems." While to many like Ahmed, Bluetooth is just a way to start a conversation, for some it can go much further.

As part of a series on young people in the Middle East, the BBC News website discovers how technology is aiding the secret liaisons of young men and women in the conservative culture of the United Arab Emirates.

It happens in malls, cinemas and cafes - in Dubai's notorious traffic jams, and now by mobile phone.

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