Updating old auto air conditioning

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How to Remove Headlight and/or Motor Assembly Cleaning Head Light Assembly/Lens Each headlamp lifter has its own fuse and its own relay.

If one light lifts properly, but not the other, then swap the two lifter relays to see if the problem switches sides.

1156 regular (also 12821 Phillips) for Front and Rear Turn Signals, Tail lights, Reverse lights, and Brake lights.

If you choose the LED ** versions, use the correct matching color (e.g.

"red" LEDs ** for tail lights) and 24 LED bulbs with WIDE angle (the versions with only 18 led "bulbs" are too dim and the versions with 30 led bulbs are too wide to fit in 348 sockets).

In contrast, a good diode will have one low resistance reading and one high resistance reading.One of my three contacts was damaged so my headlight only opened and never closed. dash lights remaining on after ignition key removed): You've got current flowing in the wrong direction in your dash.Also the metal plate was damaged from rust, so I welded the plate and soldered something onto the broken contact so now it has contact and my lights lift up and go down on command. This can happen for a variety of reasons, not limited to: crossed wiring, burned out dash bulbs, bad ground connections, bad battery ground, bad battery, bad alternator/diode, bad relay(s), bad turn signal/bright light stalk, bad ignition switch, etc.Repeat this process for each bulb in your dash pod, too.If you have any dash lights that are burned out or very, very dim, then replace them (preferably with LEDs because LEDs don't allow current to flow in reverse).

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